Many Kinston locals live with chronic respiratory issues. From asthma and allergies to conditions like COPD and chronic bronchitis, there are many ailments that require consistent access to an acceptable quality of indoor air. Surprisingly, this can be just as important in your vehicle as it is in your home. At Sale Kia, we want to help motorists discover the many benefits of regularly changing the cabin air filters in their cars.

Improve The Efficiency And Safety Of Your Vehicle's Climate System

Changing out the air filter in your vehicle's climate system will improve its functioning. You'll get more cooling power when the air conditioner is on, and better heat in the winter. Best of all, you'll use less fuel when operating this system. A clean and high-performing filter will additionally remove more dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other particulates from the indoor air.

Determining The Right Schedule For Cabin Air Filter Changes

?The best schedule for changing this filter will depend upon how you use your vehicle, and how often you use it. If you have a chronic respiratory ailment, changing your filter more often can prevent airborne particulates from exacerbating your condition. This is especially true if you routinely drive with your pets in tow. To know more about your vehicle's cabin air filter, drop by Sale Kia for professional servicing and needs-specific service recommendations.


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