With coy charm and subtle splendor, the compact Kia Rio is a special kind of car that you typically see only in your dreams. Thanks to its impressively dynamic capacities alongside a sporty visage, the well-rounded workhorse cultivates universal appeal. This determined ride is earning massive popularity among the residents of Kinston.

Despite an unassuming stature, this effervescent vehicle is loaded with energy when it counts the most. The fierce Motor Driven Power Steering ensemble guarantees serious performance by maximizing the potential of an understated four-cylinder engine.

Authentic creature comforts are gloriously granted as well. With six intuitive settings installed, the manually adjustable driver’s seat is a precious amenity. To enhance the automotive pleasure immensely, an adjacent sliding center console doubles as a plush armrest while slyly creating an invaluable storage compartment. These are the perks that Sale Kia loves to highlight, and a personal test-drive creates the ideal opportunity.


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