Hit the Road with Peace of Mind in the Kia Sedona

When you're in the market for a family minivan, safety and convenience are two key factors. At Sale Kia, we're happy to present the Kia Sedona for your consideration. This popular minivan is built to keep you safe and comfortable, so you can drive with confidence.

The Sedona, which is constructed from more than 50 percent high-strength steel, works together with its sophisticated airbag system to protect you in case of an accident. The advanced sensors measure the force of the impact and deploy the right airbag for the job.

When your kids are in the vehicle, distractions are plentiful. That's why we're excited about the Sedona's Brake Assist System. This standard feature senses when you need to brake in an emergency — if you don't step on the pedal in time, it gives you a bit of assistance. Try it out when you stop by to see our team for a test drive in Kinston, NC.


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