Preparing Your Vehicle for the Warmer Months

With warmer weather a reality, it can be tempting to hop in your car and take it for a drive out of town. Before you hit the road, though, we at Sale Kia want to help you ensure that your vehicle is prepared adequately for the unique challenges of warm weather driving with these quick and easy spring car care tips.

First, since you'll probably be cranking up your air conditioner, it's a good idea to ensure all your vehicle's belts, clamps, and hoses are properly tightened and in good condition. This inspection will help your engine run at its peak, even with the extra load. Additionally, if you've been avoiding changing the oil due to the cold temps, now's the time to replace the oil and oil filter, so you'll be good to go for even the longest road trips.

Above all, if you have any vehicle service needs, be sure to let the service specialists at our dealership provide a helping hand.



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