When to Service Your Engine Cooling & Radiator

Our customers at Sale Kia sometimes ask us if running AC keeps their car engine cool. It doesn't. AC keeps your cabin cool, but it generates heat under your hood. Here's our brief rundown of how your engine cooling system and radiator negotiate and dissipate engine heat.

When you pour coolant into your radiator via the radiator cap, that coolant circulates throughout your engine by the power of a water pump. The coolant leaves the radiator via hoses and flows through the core, a series of tubes surrounding the engine. The coolant picks up engine heat and transfers it to fins, which then release the heat slowly.

When you run your AC, its components generate their own heat. That's why your engine fan frequently or always runs when your AC runs as you're cruising through town during the height of summer. A special engine computer turns the fan on automatically to help circulate and dissipate the additional heat.

Bring your vehicle to us according to your manufacturer's maintenance schedule. The optimal schedule is listed in your owner's manual. Routine, on-schedule maintenance adds years and years to the overall health and fitness of your ride, helping it perform for you like the master machine it is.



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