How Drivers Make Skids Worse Instead of Better

One thing that is important to understand when it comes to driving is that our instincts are not going to be correct when it comes to circumstances such as skids. Front-wheel skids and rear-wheel skids can cause us to react in ways that can actually make the skid worse instead of better.

When we get into a skid, it might be tempting to turn the car in the opposite direction. We may also stare at what we are about to hit when it comes to the skid. As a result, the skid we get into can cause us problems we could've avoided.

One of the major mistakes we tend to make when getting into a skid is applying the brakes suddenly, which actually causes the wheels to lock in a car that does not have anti-lock braking system. It is better to apply the brakes in a similar fashion to what we would in normal conditions.



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