Tricks to Keep Rodents Away from the Wiring in Your Car

Mice and rats are certainly unwelcomed in your home, but they can also do a lot of damage if they find their way into your garage and under the hood of your car. When rodents get near wires, they tend to chew. If that wire is under the hood, then you could have extensive damage to your vehicle. If you want to keep pests away, follow these two tips.

There's a special type of electrical tape that is infused with capsaicin, a particularly hot spice. When you use this tape around the wires in your car, mice and rats will no longer want to sharpen their teeth on the wires.

You can also try to eliminate rodents by putting humane traps around the garage. Peanut butter is excellent bait, and you can use this with traditional traps. Just make sure that any traps are kept far away from your pets.



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