Don't Get Stuck with Car Troubles this School Year

Back to school means many things for most families. It's a busy time of year and an exciting one. Taking kids back and forth to activities, sports practice, and events can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Sale Kia is happy to provide some easy tips to avoid unnecessary downtime this season.

Regular maintenance and servicing requirements can not only prevent costly repairs, but it can also extend the life of your vehicle. Oil changes, tire rotation, tune-ups, and any dashboard warning lights should never be neglected. Checking your fluids and topping them off when necessary does a world of good as well.

Our dealership has a full-service maintenance and repair shop that can handle all your needs. We also offer specials on occasion to help you save money. Don't risk losing your warranty coverage by using unauthorized parts or technicians. Schedule your back to school servicing with Sale Kia today!



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