Tips for Flat Tire Replacement

We believe in educating drivers like you at Sale Kia. After all, informed drivers become good drivers. Today, let's explore how to replace a flat tire.

If you feel a tire go flat, you should decrease your speed while proceeding cautiously until you find a safe spot to park. Choose the breakdown lane or firm, level ground. You do not want your jack to sink into the ground and possibly slip.

After you properly place your jack, slightly loosen your wheel's lug nuts. Doing so enables you to quickly remove them once you raise the car. Swap your spare for the flat tire. Next, tighten your lug nuts. You do not want to fully tighten them until you lower your jack. Once you have completely lowered your jack, you can finish tightening your lug nuts. If you car's spare is a temporary, low-speed tire, please drive slower until you can get your flat tire repaired.



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