What Could Trigger Tire Pressure Indicator Lights?

Even though things like a drop in temperature or the natural release of air from your car's tires could trigger the indicators on the dash from going off, there are more serious things concerning low air pressure to be concerned with.

Look closely at the tire treads at least once a week. Bare spots or uneven wear are indications something is happening that shouldn't and could result in the tire blowing out if the issue is not addressed in a timely manner.

An obstruction in the tire could spell serious trouble, especially in the tire sidewall. Never remove the obstruction on your own, but don't wait too long to get it fixed or that underinflated tire could fail as you begin reaching higher speeds. Get the car to the service center so a tech can make the determination.

Be sure to schedule your tire rotation appointment with Sale Kia so we can keep a close lookout for issues with your tire treads.



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