Utilize This Important Towing Safety Guide

Don't rush out to tow that vehicle without taking a few safety precautions first. It could be costly when things start to go wrong on the highway, especially when they could have been avoided in the first place.

  • Check the rating of the hitch that you will be using to make certain it can handle the weight of the vehicle being towed.
  • Always have someone in the cab pressing the brake so you can make certain the lights are all in working order.
  • Check to see if the weight of the towed vehicle has been properly distributed so there is no issues when driving around sharp turns.
  • Adjust the mirrors so that you can see clearly around the towed vehicle, buy towing mirrors to help increase the field of vision while you're driving.

These towing safety tips offered by Sale Kia are designed to keep you are your towed your vehicle safe.

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