Tips on How to Jump-Start Another Car

Learning to jump start another vehicle will become second nature to you once you understand a few basic points and become comfortable with practice. One of the first things to realize is that each end of the cable has a positive and a negative clamp. The positive is marked in red and the negative in black. Another point to remember is that once you’ve started connecting the cables to a battery, take care not to let the other cables touch a metal surface.

The first connection should be with the positive cable to the dead battery’s terminal marked by a plus sign. The next thing is to connect the negative cable to the same battery’s minus sign. Move on to the good battery and repeat the process. Once connected, let them charge for a couple of minutes. Rev the engine and try to turn over the dead battery. If you don’t get the car started after several attempts, it’s best to let it rest and have your vehicle serviced.

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