Packing Your Roadside Emergency Kit for Less Highway Troubles

Our staff at Sale Kia wanted to pass along information to help you pack your roadside emergency kit to deal with all sorts of troubles.

A small first aid kit is going to really come in handy if you need to tend to minor injuries before help gets there. Tire fix-a-flat is something you'll be glad you had because you can get the tire off the rim high enough so you can move the car safely.

Be sure to have a good quality flashlight and batteries in your vehicle, you never know if you'll have an emergency with the car at night. Keeping a gallon of engine coolant and quart of motor oil in the kit reduces the chances of the car being stranded if low on fluids.

Don't forget you can bring your vehicle to our service center so we can inspect for any small issues that could become huge roadside emergencies.



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