What is the Difference Between a Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel-Drive Vehicle?

Deciding on a vehicle can take a great deal of thought. There are so many makes and models. One of your considerations might be the difference between a front-wheel-drive (FWD) and a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) vehicle. The choice may be more straightforward if you determine a few basic principles. Think about the general road conditions on which you’ll do most of your driving, the number of miles you plan to drive, and what you expect of your vehicle.

A FWD offers an economical choice. Its design features the engine and drivetrain assembly in the front of the vehicle. It is easier to get to and requires fewer parts than a RWD. As a result, you’ll pay less on the purchase and on fuel as you drive. A FWD also provides you with much better handling when you are on slick and wet road surfaces. A RWD, however, is a performance vehicle, so its handling is going to be preferable in the long run. Additionally, the RWD’s suspension is a sturdier, more reliable choice than that of the FWD. You will end up saving on potentially costly repairs there.

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