Your Vehicle's Differential: What is it?

Our staff at Sale Kia strives to keep our consumers informed about ways to keep their vehicles in the best possible shape. A differential is a component that helps your vehicle perform well, but what exactly does it do?

A differential is a gearbox that is located between the drive wheels of your car. If your vehicle has four-wheel drive, then it probably has a front and rear differential. It works with the transmission to transfer power from the engine to the axle that turns the wheels, and it also makes turning possible. For a vehicle to turn, the outside of the wheels must turn at a faster rate than the inside of the wheels. A differential uses gears to allow the outside wheels and inside wheels to turn at different speeds.

To keep your differential performing at its best, it is important to have its fluid changed on a routine basis. Normal wear will cause differential fluid to break down, and if the fluid isn't changed, it could lead to friction and grinding.



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