Keep Your Headlights Clear and Bright

The plastic cover on your headlamps can start to get dirty and cloudy with use. This can cause less light to get through, and you might have a hard time driving at night because you can't see the road.

Toothpaste is an easy way to buff out your headlamps. Use a rag that has been wet with warm water and apply the toothpaste to the headlamp. Rub it in and see the difference. A slightly riskier option is using insect repellent that contains DEET. This can corrode the paint on your car, but as long as you keep it contained on the headlamp, it could greatly increase your visibility.

To make sure that your headlamps are ready to perform in Kinston, bring your vehicle to Sale Kia. We can explain different ways to maintain the clarity of your headlights.

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