Belt Service Is Important for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle utilizes many belts under the hood to ensure that certain systems of the vehicles run smoothly and reliably. There are two main belts that run your vehicle under the hood: the timing belt and the serpentine belt. The timing belt assists your engine in turning the camshaft.

The serpentine belt, also known as the drive belt, brings power to the air conditioning compressor, cooling fan, power steering pump and other components.

Both of these belts are made of rubber and break down over time. One sign of a wearing belt is a squeaking noise coming from under the hood of the vehicle when it is running. The belts have a standard mileage usage before replacement and should be followed. A broken belt can prevent systems from working or even cause major engine damage.

If you notice that your belts need service, stop by Sale Kia in Kinston, NC today and our service staff will be glad to help!

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